The pirate can create/build structures on their home port. These structures can create or store Wares, Weapons or Ships.

  • Brothel - Provide female companionship to sailors and collect a percentage. 
  • Casino - Run a gambling house can get back some of crew's pay.
  • Church - Save your crew's souls and take a cut of the tithes. 
  • Distillery - Fill up Rum barrels
  • Farm - Grow Cotton for Sail Cloth.
  • Forge - A blacksmith produces Cannon ammo.
  • Fort - Build up walls and gun turrets to protect what's yours 
  • Lumbermill - Cut and make Planks
  • Sailmaker - Turn cotton into Sail Cloth
  • Shipyard - Building and repairing ships
  • Shop - Adds a Cargo Shop to your Island for quick trading 
  • Tavern - Sell rum to sailors and get back their pay. 
  • Warehouse - Storage for your Wares

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