Wares are products that can be bought or sold at ports, found in ship's cargo holds, created by home port buildings or stored in warehouses.

  • Cannon Ball - Heavy iron balls for blasting holes in ships hulls.
  • Chain Round - Two iron balls connected by chain for damaging masts.
  • Grapeshot - This pellet ammunition is for attacking ship crews.
  • Bomb - A extra large explosive cannon ball. 
  • Gunpowder - Barrels of explosive used to make traps.
  • Cannon - These armaments can be bought/sold or added to your own ship as replacement guns.
  • Oil Barrel - These products can also be used to set enemy ships aflame.
  • Rum - A drink a day keeps the crew happy.
  • Cotton - Common product, used to make Sailcloth
  • Tobacco - Common product
  • Sugar - Common product
  • Spices - Common product but a favorite of smugglers
  • Sail Cloth - Rolls of canvass can be used to repair sails while at sea.
  • Plank - Cut wood which can be used to repair hulls at sea.

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