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Type Hull Sails Crew Cannons Cargo

Sailing Speed

Angle / Side / Back

HMS Duke Of Kent (Standard) 411 + 411 285 + 285 857 180+10 5300 (80 / 7.14 / 8.73) 
Upgraded 575 + 575 399 + 399 1200 180+10 7420 72 / 9.4 / 11.5

A semi-fictional first-rate ship of the line, designed but never built in the first decade of the 1800s to be the last word in tall ships. Exists in the real world really only as plans and a model.

Its stats read like the ultimate card on top trumps. Its faster with a smaller dead zone than a first rate. It is also the longest, tallest, widest and heaviest ship in the game. No other ship is as durable, carries as much cargo, throws as much iron, holds as much crew.

It suffers slightly less from the turtling that affects first rates, but has quite a large dead zone and if you leave the AI driving it, it will very likely just sit there, facing the wind, doing nothing. Also, cos its sooooo big, firing at small ships at point blank means the cannon balls actually go clean over and around the target. Its expensive as well. REALLY expensive. Do not buy this ship unless your game economy can support an extra thousand gold a week in crew payments and can resource its cannonball output. It will fire your combined total weekly cannonball production inside of 2 fights. I carry 2200-2600 ball on mine and it'll get rid of at least 3/4 of that hitting a **** port, even with another 2 first rates as company.

However. As a fighting  platform, it's terrifyingly efficient. With double balls it has 4 times more firepower than a standard first rate and will happily sink Second Rates /Men O War / Frigates in a single pass. Drive it through a group of ships, throw simultaneous broadsides at close range and watch them disappear in a hail of iron. It has so much crew (upgraded, 1200), and with so many guns the fusillade takes so long that on single ball it has the guns reloaded almost as that broadside finishes, allowing an almost continuous 90 gun rate of fire each side. And because it can have 1200 crew, equip it with falconets, muskets etc and watch it overpower any ship in close combat.

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Just for a sense of scale, the ship its dwarfing there is a Black Galleon.

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5 decks. 90 guns each side. So.much.dakka.