Am i the only one who tryed grinding for the sloop of war because it has a pretty bow? Also i hear nobody talking about the sloop of war, so i thought i would start that thread now...

Response by Clarenceover,

 I don't know what you mean by "grinding", I captured one the day they were introduced just to see what it would look like upgraded.
 I think the reason nobody is talking about it is that it's thoroughly uninteresting.
 The corvette remains the best ship in the game (IMO).  The sloop of war's very slight advantage in maneuverability (which cannot be upgraded) in no way makes up for it's tiny crew (that of the smallest military brig) and glaring lack of guns (again like the smallest military brig).  Although somewhat faster close-hauled (which also cannot be upgraded) it is much slower when sailing with the wind.
 The best that can be said for this ship (other than a "pretty bow"?) is that it is an annoying adversary.  It's slightly thicker hull takes a couple more cannonballs to sink.
 P.S.  The whaler is uninteresting as well (unless they introduce whales).

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